Build a working relationship that rewards the school with a 5% donation for all sales of the everyday uniform items as well as “school spirit items” purchased by the parents of the students. This reward program should be set up as follows:


  • Establish a selection of approved school uniform and school spirit items.
  • Communicate to all parents the association of All American Wear, Inc. with the
    participating school as the approved school uniform vendor.
  • Inform parents of the location of All American Wear, Inc., as well as the availability
    of the web site for their convenience.
  • Provide parents with information on the approved selection of school uniform items
    and school spirit items by:
  • Providing a link to the All American Wear web site from the school web site.
  • Listing of All American Wear’s phone number and on the school’s weekly news letters and emails to parents.
  • Sales materials and order forms made available for parents to pick up at the school.
  • All American Wear, Inc. to set up a retail display of approved items at the school for parents to purchase on selected days/times as determined by the school administration.


  • All American Wear, Inc. recognized as the official school uniform supplier.
  • Create school spirit with the official school logo printed or embroidered on selected items.
  • Increase community awareness of the participating school.
  • Relieve the school administrators of the timely process of order taking and fulfillment.
  • Every item sold will generate a 5% donation to be made by All American Wear, Inc. to participating schools on a bi-annual basis.

I look forward to working with every school. One of my desires is to make this process interesting for you and your staff. Please direct parents to All American Wear, Inc. so your administrators can focus on their daily responsibilities.

Patrick Jewel 
President and Founder
All American Wear, Inc

If you are interested in learning more about this program or how your school can become part of it
today, please call 301-459-5000 or email . Thank you.

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